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Everyone knows that it is difficult to have a life-work balance. Between the busy schedules, we often stop to eat fast food or go to expensive restaurants; Even then, we are too rushed to enjoy the time or food with our family. Life doesn’t have to be hectic or without the quality time the family should be having. Around the Family Table has made it our mission to allow families to enjoy a homemade meal and be able to spend time together around their own family table- that means you can pick it up on your way home from work and throw it in your oven. Our meals are available for Ready-to-eat or ready-for-oven. For those on-the-go with a craving for homemade goods, we have fresh lunches and meals for the individuals. There is no need to worry about packing a lunch, just stop in, grab and go! We want everyone to live their life to the fullest- happy and wholesome! Enjoy an easy, stress-free, hearty meal at Around the Family Table!

Tuesday- Friday 11-7

Saturday 10-4

2735 Bernville Rd *Leesport Pa


This Week’s Menu

Oven Ready Meal

Senior $5.99 Portioned 7.99

Couples portion $15.99

Family Entree $28.99
We will be making soups again daily as temps lower.

Tuesday - mac and cheese with ham, mac and cheese, zucchini lasagna, baked pasta with Italian sausage

Wednesday- swedish meatballs

Thursday and Friday-chicken parm stuffed shells

Ready to Eat

Tuesday- taco salad (10.00), soft Taco(9.00) or Super walking tacos (10.00)

Wednesday- chicken quesadillas (10.00)

Thursday- BBQ melt (7.00)

Friday-Meatball Sandwiches (7.75)


Caprese Salad- Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil on a bed of lettuce

medium $6 large $11

Harvest Salad- a lettuce, apples, cranberries & walnuts medium $6 large $11

Chicken Salad Bowl-Lettuce, chicken salad, tomato, cranberries and/or almonds medium $7 large $12

Garden- lettuce , green peppers , cucumbers & carrots medium $ large $11

Antipasto- lettuce, tomato, onion, ham,olives, sweet peppers, pepperoni and mozzarella medium $7 large $12

Katie Salad- Romaine, cucumbers, green peppers, soft mozzarella, olive, and onions medium $7 Large $12

Sandwiches and Wraps- Hot or Cold Available Everyday

Sandwiches white, rye or oatnut $6.50

Ham, Turkey, or Chicken Salad (+$1) comes with cheese, lettuce,tomatoes and onion.

Wraps $7.75

Ham, Turkey,Turkey Avocado, Italian or Chicken Salad comes with cheese, lettuce,and tomatoes.

Chicken salad can also include dried cranberries and almonds

Panini-white, rye or oatnut $7.75

Ham, Turkey, or Chicken Salad (+$1) comes with cheese, lettuce,tomatoes and onion.

Boxed Lunches

Perfect for your Summer Adventures

Includes chips, choice of broccoli or mac salad and brownie Can be ordered all day.

Wrap or cold sandwich $10.00

Chicken salad Wrap or Sandwich meal $11.00

Thursday- BBQ melt Box $11.50

Mac salad Broccoli salad

4 oz $1.00 12 oz $2.99

16 oz $3.75 32 oz $7.00


PBpie $15.00 Cookies $3.25

Brownies $3.00. Yogurt Parfait $4.75

Add avocado to any salad for $1 more


We have many catering options, including box lunches, buffets, taco bars and more. Call us, Facebook message or Email for details.

Click the salad photo to be directed to catering page


Different sizes and Made Special to meet your Special Occasions

Gift Certificates

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Do you own a business and are looking for the best thank you gift? We make personalized Gift Certificates.

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Brian and Michelle Klouser

2735 Bernville Rd

Leesport, Pa 19533


Our Menu

Our Menu changes on a weekly basis and this is just a snapshot of what we offer.

Please call or visit to learn more about us.

We offer free samples everyday.

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2735 Bernville Rd *Leesport

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